Ashlee Francis

“I want to hate her because she is killing me, but then I look at her and she is smiling at me and encouraging me. She is so supportive and motivating, it’s hard to be mad at her when she is kicking my butt.” These words are common when people talk about training with Ashlee. Having trained celebrities, high school athletes, professional athletes and geriatric patients, Ashlee has worked with every age, level of ability and body type. Her passion is helping others find joy in movement. Being an XPT coach, she heavily encourages the breathe, move and recover philosophy, believing that properly utilizing these three aspects will make you a little more versatile every day. Ashlee has worked in the physical therapy world for several years, which highly complements her approach to personal and small group training. Having competed in multiple Ironman races, ultra marathons and more, she holds herself to the same standards as she does her athletes: Grind now, shine later and have fun while doing so. Come try one of her classes or sign up for a one-on-one session and be ready to sweat!


Laurie Francis

The brains behind anything nutrition related, Laurie knows food! Having suffered with multiple food allergies herself, Laurie has studied how to eat right for her body without sacrificing taste. She loves using essential oils, walking on the beach and dancing with her grandson. She is our go-to gal when it comes to food and essential oils!


Mandy Haugen

“I love her voice! I could just listen to her talk all day!” The ultimate boss babe, Mandy has started multiple successful businesses in Central Oregon. We are blessed and honored to have her working with us. She is our joy girl, spreading the word about classes and events and helping us be an integral part of this community. We couldn’t do it without her!