Our small group fitness classes focus on strength, cardiovascular fitness and proper movement patterns. Our family welcomes all levels and encourages one another, no matter what level we are. We give back to the community and support each other inside and out of the gym. Sweat PNW is a private gym that welcomes individuals of all ages, genders and fitness levels looking to create the best version of themselves through strength and conditioning. The coach delivers a daily workout for any individual to excel in, regardless of their experience or ability. The classes are always challenging, but incredibly rewarding.

Ashlee has worked with every type of individual: From children to the elderly, from the high school teacher to the world-famous pop star. Would you like to train for an Ironman? Learn how to tone a specific body part? Be able to shovel your driveway in the winter? Ashlee is the trainer for you. Offering a background in physical therapy, competitive racing and athletic training, Ashlee understands the human body and will help get you to and keep you in your best shape.

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“Ashlee never expected more of me than she expects for herself.”

"I trained with Ashlee for about a year before my scheduled ascent of Denali (Mt. Mckinley), the tallest peak in the United States. Ashlee is one of the most vibrant and inspirational young
women I have had the pleasure to know. I have the highest respect for Ashlee as a person and she has been one of the most highly influential persons to me in my lifetime. She has
demonstrated integrity and courage, not to mention incredible determination, throughout life’s challenges. I praise her as both a person and athlete. Her knowledge and skills as an athlete
and trainer are without comparison and her motivational strategies, including doing most of the workouts alongside me, were major reasons why the two Navy Seals and the three team
members who had just come from summiting Mt. Everest had little on me throughout the Denali climb. This was so even though I was 66 at the time. Ashlee never expected more of me than she expects for herself. Her courageously high expectations for herself seem to be the the reason for her personal success and a formula for her helping others towards facing their challenges and accomplishing their dreams."

— Richard


Afterwards, all I can say is "WOW!"

"I first got exposed to Ashlee by going to Pure Awesomeness on Wednesday nights. As a 'retired' college athlete, when Ashlee approached me to go to the class, I thought, "Sure, why not." Afterwards, all I can say is "WOW!" Week after week, she pushed my body to the limit, while fostering a spirited environment built on excellence and friendly competition. Later when we began training one on one, she continued to help me excel, whether on the bike, in the water, or on the run. Ashlee is so dedicated, and even though I can't train with her right now, she checks in with me. I'm confident that Ashlee can train anyone, whatever your goals are or your experience level may be, as long as you're open and ready to do the work! Since working with Ashlee, I've completed three triathlons, and placed in two of those. It's been a pleasure to know such a talented and committed young adult."

— Jameisha

It is so nice to have someone who never lets me give up and who believes in me. She is sweet on the outside and a force of nature on the inside, pushing me to my goals. I love it and hate it at the same time.
— Nicole

Loved by Athletes Worldwide