Kaenon James

Kaenon was born on March 21, 2018. At first, everything seemed perfect. Shortly after his birth, a nurse discovered that Kaenon did not have an anus. They life flighted him to a hospital 4 hours away. He was rushed into emergency surgery after less than 24 hours of life. The doctors discovered an imperforate anus, hypospadius, tethered cord, issues with his kidneys and two unclosed heart valves. After many hospital and doctor's office visits, Kaenon's mom and grandma thought he was on the path toward recovery.

On his four month birthday, Kaenon became severely ill and was taken to the emergency room. They discovered he had an obstructed bowel from the scar tissue created by one of his previous surgeries in July, so he once again was life flighted to the same 4 hour away hospital, this time with his mom, where he went into his fourth, fifth and sixth surgeries, all in a period of four days. Though he has started to recover, he still has a lot of surgeries left until he reaches some sort of normalcy.

How can you help? His mother, Ashlee, has a passion for health and fitness. She has created a fundraiser called 30 for Kaenon. 30 for Kaenon is a thirty day commitment to workout once a day for thirty days. If you decide to participate, the program is $30, $1 per day. Ashlee will send you the workout of the day as well as a challenge you can do in place of the workout. These are not meant to be easy workouts. They should take thirty minutes or less to complete; plenty of time to reflect on and send good thoughts out to Kaenon. If you miss a day though, you have to pay a penalty fee of $5! Missing days can really add up! This is an honor system, so don't forget to come back to the website and pay your fee for each day missed!

If you would like to, you can pay $100 or more and get a specially made Care For Kaenon T-shirt to show off your love for this ray of sunshine baby. Click the link below to see more about 30 for Kaenon. Read our blog to hear more about Kaenon's story and stay up to date on his progress!



Your help is so appreciated!

Thank you for your love, support and prayers.